Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. What is the definition of a true Open Source Initiative?


    A balanced definition of Open Source here -



  • 2. What is the main objective of this project?


    To deliver a DB2 for I and ILE based ERP application which demonstrates the best of the IBM i and ILE.


  • 3. Why is IntERPrise project so special/different?


    It has been many years since a NEW NATIVE application has been developed for the IBM i.



  • 4. What is true value of a database we are providing, tangible ‘saving’


    There is little to compare this project with.  An existing database application would cost in the region of $100,000…. but this native project is being created with fresh code.



  • 5. Why is intERPrise specifically aimed at the ILE environment and not PASE as most other Open Source projects?


    IntERPrise has been created to take advantage of the strengths of IBM i. PASE applications run on Linux/AIX platforms and suffer disadvantages due to PASE limitations, rather than leveraging the inherent strengths of the operating system.



  • 6. What are the advantages?


    Security, integration, low cost-per-transaction, scalability. Beneficial to IBM i shops leveraging existing skills and processes.



  • 7. What is provided by the group?


    An IBM i ILE-based application that leverages the strengths of the platform.



  • 8. How can this be utilized by an organization?


    It allows modern application code to be used with little to no effort on behalf of the user.



  • 9. What does the group expect from users?


    We are hoping companies will share back the functionality they develop for others to use too.



  • 10. Who is on the Steering Committee?


    Go to the GitHub Repository and get involved. Questions, suggestions, recommendations all gratefully accepted.



  • 11. How best can programmers communicate with the group?

  • 12. What restrictions will be in place by intERPrise licensing?


    None. It’s the standard Apache 2.0 license.



  • 13. When will the code be completed?


    The actual code that the team delivers will change as we move forward. Commercial GA targeted for May 2019.



  • 14. Why would I participate?


    To assist the team breathing new life into the IBM i platform and community.



  • 15. If I am not a ‘main’ provider, is there an opportunity to participate?


    Yes, fork the repository, create a new branch and submit your content for review and possible inclusion.



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